Shipping to the Dominican Republic


These Prices Include:

  • Transfer of Remains
  • Embalming
  • Basic Funeral Arrangements
  • 3 Hour Chapel Service
  • Custodial Care Supervision of Staff
  • Dressing/Casketing
  • Hearse
  • Selective Sealer Casket
  • Airtray
  • Airline ($1,600.00)
  • Health Department (Death Certificate/Permit/State Letters)
  • Consulate Charges (estimate $300.00)

  • Family Will Be Responsible to Provide Active/Cancelled Passport to the Funeral Director/Funeral Home at the Time of Arrangement
  • Family Will Be Responsible to Provide Name of Receiving Family Members with Drop-off Mortuary Location in the Dominican Republic Including with Phone Number/Email 
  • Address
  • Will Assist with Filing of Emergency Travel Papers or Assisting in Filing for Renewal of Dominican Republic Passport.